Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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Our Customer's Seal of Approval


“We have had the opportunity to work with the Wintrust Financial group for a variety of needs, including loans to help our association’s complete projects that are needed.  They have been very responsive.  I’d categorize them as outstanding in timeliness and attention to their clients.”

“The preeminence of Wintrust Community Advantage in the Chicagoland marketplace is appropriate and well-deserved.  Your attention to detail and concern for your clients’ well-being is essential and reflects the quality and commitment you have to offer.”

“There was a time when you could go into a business, be greeted by name, and know that your best interests were a concern of theirs.  You didn’t get charged for every single service.  And the service you received was done with a smile and a good word.  You were a satisfied customer.  That’s what it is like dealing with Barrington Bank & Trust.   You feel good about doing business with them.  And what’s more, you know that they are doing a good job for you.  We are pleased to be a customer of Barrington Bank & Trust.”

“Barrington Bank & Trust, and all of their knowledgeable and professional staff, made attaining a line of credit to finance the window replacement project at our association an enjoyable experience.  The approval process was very efficient and timely; and drawing down funds to make progress payments to our contractor couldn’t be easier.  The entire process has been such a pleasure.  I look forward to doing more business with them in the future, and recommend them to others.”

“Barrington Bank has been great to work with. The representatives have been very pleasant and prompt in their responses. Any questions or concerns were addressed within a 24-hour turn around.  We would refer the bank to others.”

“It was immediately clear to me that the staff at Barrington Bank was more experienced than the staff at other banks we considered.  The documentation required and terms and conditions were clearly outlined and once submitted, final processing was very easy.”

“Pete, thank you so much for all your help in acquiring the line of credit for our association.  What made the difference between you or other banks getting this loan was in the way you worked with the President of the Board and the attorney and myself, the property manager..  You were always available to answer our questions, and you were extremely patient about explaining the way the loan would work over and over again.”

“After assisting two clients in the endeavor of financing major building repairs through your program, I am confident in recommending this process to other clients with similar needs.  It gives my associations the ability to improve the value of their property so they can enjoy the benefits while paying for it over a longer period of time.”

“Thanks to you and all of your staff for assisting us in obtaining loans for two condominium associations that we manage.  You and your staff were absolutely wonderful and quite efficient in assisting us with the very lengthy paperwork, and you all had managed to make it seem very easy to do.  Every person that we have been in contact with has been very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and extremely helpful.  With every call that we placed to your bank and spoken with yourself, Lana or any other person we have never felt rushed, ignored, inadequate or abused.  Everyone has been very nice and respectful to all of us who have come in contact with you in one way or another.  It’s very rare to find a company that gives so much attention each and every time that you call.  Thank you all so very much for going that extra mile to make a client smile.  It has truly been a pleasure working with all of you, and my staff and I look very forward to a long and prosperous relationship.  Keep up the great customer service and keep doing what you’re doing.  Thanks for everything.”

“My experience with Barrington has been exceptional.  Every person I have dealt with has been courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable, far above what is usually called “customer service.”  No question or request is too small or too large for them to handle.  The service is prompt, exceptionally friendly, and I am always made to feel that I may be their most important customer!”

"Exemplary service from a bank with superior customer service.  Strictly professional.  One of the best business experiences I’ve had.”

“I regard Wintrust Community Advantage as the leader in delivering service to community associations.  Wintrust Community Advantage has displayed a commitment to providing a high level of service as well as leading the way in expanding the services to community associations.”

“The very last building has been completed and the entire complex looks like a million dollars.  The ease of the project impressed all of us.  Last year during the inception of our renovation project, you met three very concerned Board Members.  We want to thank you and your staff for your patient cooperation with us in obtaining our loan.  You graciously answered all our questions, no matter how trivial, and reassured us whenever reassurance was needed.  Your follow through and checking to be certain everything was just right, was greatly appreciated.  The Board of Directors and 208 homeowners say “Thank You” for your professionalism.  We look forward to our continued relationship with you, and hopefully on future projects as well.”

“Barrington Bank came through for us with what we needed when we needed it at an interest level we can live with.  They also kept us well informed about what was still needed to secure our loan (even though our management company and lawyer swore it was already in, but it wasn’t) even extending deadlines enough to make management and our lawyer move – usually an impossible task.”

“Barrington Bank & Trust staff provided outstanding service to our condo board. Their responsiveness to every detail impressed us during the loan application process.”

“The folks from Barrington Bank were there to help us secure the loan we needed to complete the project, answered all our questions, and really made us feel like Barrington was our Bank.”

“Finally, a bank that understands the needs of a condo association.  Friendly, receptive people, great customer service in which this association is looking forward to a long lasting relationship.”

“Knowledgeable associates with top-notch and cutting edge services and products for condominium associations and cooperatives.  Excellent follow-through and attention to detail.  Prompt, courteous service.”

“The service we have received from Barrington Bank on behalf of our clients has been nothing short of outstanding.  Having a lending institution that understands condominiums and townhome associations has been a great asset in helping our clients complete major projects in a timely manner.  The lockbox service, committed solely to association assessments, has been a great asset to our Management Company  and our clients by freeing up our time to better service our clients.”

“We contacted a number of banks in an attempt to secure credit for our homeowners association. Wintrust Community Advantage was the most responsive and easiest to deal with through Mr. Santangelo, and enabled us to achieve our financial goal.”

“Our Association has had the opportunity on two separate occasions to secure two very different loans from Wintrust Community Advantage. In both instances, the staff members have been most helpful and accommodating. Their expertise, valuable advice and thorough and timely administration made each of the transactions uncomplicated and totally satisfactory. It is obvious that Wintrust Community Advantage’s commitment to the needs, whether large or small, of their clients is paramount.”

“Wintrust Community Advantage has been a real advantage for us. Their customer service has been outstanding and their use of state of the art computerized solutions in the daily processing has saved us a lot of time. Keep up the good work!”

“Thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf this past year. Our transition from our current bank to Barrington Bank was virtually painless and well beyond what we expected. You and your team have raised the standard of customer service in the banking industry here in Chicago.”

“Working with the Wintrust Community Advantage group of Barrington Bank is a pleasure. They are all friendly, efficient and knowledgeable about my accounts. They are the best in banking.”

“As treasurer of the my Association, I have worked with the MaxSafe Reserve accounts as part of our last two special assessments for millions of dollars of work on our building. The ability to use one vendor and have our assessment funds completely covered for FDIC purposes is an invaluable service. I greatly appreciate the peace of mind and ease of transaction that MaxSafe has given us.”

“Our customers are loving the new opportunities afforded by the MaxSafe program! It is easy access to funds with no penalty if the money is needed sooner than anticipated. Additionally, we no longer have the worries of FDIC insurance limits….many of our accounts were running out of locations to invest their money. The great interest rate makes this an easy tool for Boards to implement.”

“MaxSafe Reserve has a creative and functional tool for many of our associations. Being able to simplify the investment process while maintaining the security of FDIC insurance has proved beneficial to the Boards.  The competitive interest rates along with the flexibility of the Max Safe Reserve and the benefits of working with the Wintrust Community Advantage staff, all bundled into an excellent investment tool. Thank you for putting this together, you have given us a great working tool”. 

If you have any questions or would like more information on any of these services, contact one of our Trusted Industry Experts at (847) 304-5940 or email