Fraud Protection Services

Fraud Protection Services

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Cyber Security Basics

The internet is a great resource and convenience for businesses. At the same time, it’s created opportunities for a new breed of criminal – the cyber thief. Education and proactive measures are the best defense against an attack on your company’s online security. Here are a few basic do’s and don’ts:


  • Maintain separate workstations when working with sensitive accounts and critical systems.
  • Change passwords often and use complex passwords.
  • Install personal firewalls and keep rules updated.
  • Install enterprise firewalls and keep rules updated.
  • Install web filtering software and keep lists updated.
  • Keep security patches current.
  • Restrict access to sensitive data.
  • Maintain separate user IDs when working with sensitive accounts and critical systems.


  • Do not open emails from unknown sources.
  • Do not install software from unknown sources or unknown websites.
  • Do not write down passwords in common areas.
  • Do not click on unknown internet links.
  • Do not give out information about security measures.

Malware Fraud

Through malware, fraudsters are able to take control of your computer or monitor your activity without your knowledge – meaning they can potentially steal sensitive information and even money out of your pocket. It occurs when a company’s employees open a fraudulent or SPAM email, browse an infected website, download files via peer-to-peer file sharing, or “catch it” from other infected computers within the company’s internal network.


Preventing online bank fraud is shared responsibility – both you and your financial institution should be taking steps to keep your information and your funds safe. Talk to your business partners to find out if they meet industry security standards including multi-level authentication. Here are a few things your business can do to prevent malware from infecting your PCs:

  • Keep antivirus and antispyware up-to-date.
  • Apply all operating system security patches.
  • Use strong passwords (different passwords for different things) and protect them – ask all employees to do the same.
  •  Encourage employees not to use work computers for risky or non-work applications (i.e., games, file sharing, personal email, etc.).
  •  Take indicators and warnings seriously (antivirus alerts, locked password without reason, suspicious phone call digging for information, or just that “something wasn’t quite right” feeling).
  • Adopt stronger authentication, such as tokens or one-time passwords.

Payment Process Fraud

Wintrust Community Advantage has a variety of services and technologies available to help protect your business accounts, such as:

Positive Pay and Account Reconciliation

Billions of dollars are lost each year due to check fraud. With the continued technology advances it has become much easier to create and redeem fraudulent checks. Wintrust Community Advantage® understands the need for further protection against fraud, so we are offering tools to our customers such as Positive Pay and Account Reconciliation.

How Positive Pay Works

Positive Pay is a monitoring system used to verify what checks are clearing your accounts daily. Customers can use their accounting software to send their issued check files to the bank electronically as checks are issued. Checks issued files are then compared to the check number and dollar amount clearing; items that match are paid without further inspection. Exceptions are reviewed for encoding errors, and errors are corrected. Suspect items are reported to the customer via i-BusinessBanking™ for “pay/no pay” decisions, which require responses by a pre-established time.


•   Transfer check issued files directly from your desktop via i-BusinessBanking
•   View report of exception items online
•   Protect your association’s assets from check fraud
•   Control overpayment of exception items
•   Reduce disbursement risk with timely return deadlines

How Account Reconciliation Works

Wintrust Community Advantage also offers reconciliation services to simplify your internal bookkeeping and to meet your association’s requirements that can be used in conjunction with our Positive Pay service. The bank receives a file of issued checks from you to match checks to be cleared with those that are issued. Additionally, we will send you a file of paid and outstanding checks which will balance to your statement.


•   Reduces potential losses due to fraud by identifying suspect checks
•   Accomplishes daily reconcilement in an efficient manner
•   Improves audit control
•   Reduces the amount of your time devoted to account reconciliation
•   Improves financial statement preparation time and quality


If you have any questions or would like more information on any of these services, contact one of our Trusted Industry Experts at (847) 304-5940 or

ACH Debit Block

Improve Operational Efficiency

Automated Clearing House (ACH) debits and credits can now be maintained through electronic means in the standard NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) format. This provides property management companies greater control over their financial interactions while reducing operating costs, enabling more efficient collection of monthly assessment fees and disbursement payments to vendors.


•   Collection of assessment fees

•   Payments to vendors

•   Internal transfers between accounts

•   Employee payroll

•   Federal and state tax payments

All ACH transactions originated by customers and delivered to the bank are processed through the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. They have a settlement date that determines the actual debit/credit date.


•   Operational costs will be reduced 

•   Efficiency and collection rates will increase

•   Minimizes check writing

If you have any questions or would like more information on any of these services, contact one of our Trusted Industry Experts at (847) 304-5940 or email

i-BUSINESS Banking Alerts

Within our online banking exists the capability for you to request e-mail alerts when various things are going on in your account. You can choose to be alerted when any ACH or debit comes through, when your balance goes below a minimum you specify, or many other action items that you can be notified of to verify that the transactions clearing your account are truly authorized.

i-BusinessBanking uses the most advanced software and systems available, such as tokens, that are protected by state of the art encryption, firewalls and confidential passwords. This means that only you or your designated staff will have access to your company information and prohibits any outside parties from ever acquiring any data.

Administrative User ID and Password which allows the Company to:
• Add, Change, or Delete a User
• Set access privileges and functions by users
• Manage user passwords

If you have any questions or would like more information on any of these services, contact one of our Trusted Industry Experts at (847) 304-5940 or email

If you have any questions or would like more information on any of these services, contact one of our Trusted Industry Experts at (847) 304-5940 or email