Reserve Investment Services

Reserve Investment Services

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Our investment services are designed for the reserve funds of condominium, townhome and homeowners associations, specifically, to preserve principal and improve return potential. We combine our experience and expertise to provide a variety of investment options to your association.

We realize that associations have unique responsibilities and opportunities, especially regarding the investment of reserve funds. Board members and property managers must maintain the safety of investments while maximizing interest income for the benefit of the association. Achieving the proper balance between safety and return can become a greater challenge when considering many associations have both short-term and long-term funding needs.

Our Trusted Industry Experts can help structure a program that emphasizes value, growth and quality, without losing sight of your most important objective—principal preservation. We begin by reviewing your Reserve Investment Policy and defining your association’s objectives. Next, we select the most appropriate investments and submit our suggestions for your approval. Lastly, we implement the strategy and recommend revisions based on your changing needs.


• Principal preservation
• Competitive returns
• Association maintains ownership of investment
• Proactive consultation to provide efficient transfer or reinvestment of funds
• Assigned Deposit Services Banker to handle your day-to-day needs
• Asset protection guaranteed by FDIC up to at least $3.75 million within Wintrust Financial

Receiving this maximum safety is easy. Just call Wintrust Community Advantage today and ask to open a reserve account with a minimum deposit of $2,500 and keep your reserve funds safe and growing.

If you have any questions or would like more information on any of these services, contact one of our Trusted Industry Experts at (847) 304-5940 or

MaxSafe® Reserve

MaxSafe Reserve is an advanced solution designed for condominium, townhome and homeowners associations and cooperatives that value convenience and an unparalleled level of protection. MaxSafe Reserve is an innovative and unmatched investment alternative that provides up to 15 times the FDIC security of a normal reserve account.

In today’s volatile marketplace, the added security and convenience of $3.75 million in FDIC insurance per account means peace of mind. How can we offer this unparalleled level of protection? By depositing your funds across our 15 affiliated community banks. Fifteen banks equals 15 times the usual $250,000 level of FDIC maximum protection.


•   Increased audit control
•   Maximum FDIC insurance
•   Convenient check writing
•   Liquidity
•   Single monthly statement
•   Single 1099 form
•   Accurate financial reporting
•   Centralized reserve investments
•   Competitive return
•   Added security

And receiving this maximum safety is easy. Just call Wintrust Community Advantage today and ask to open a MaxSafe Reserve account with a minimum deposit of $100,000, and keep your reserve funds safe and growing.

Some common frequently asked questions about MaxSafe are:

What is the MaxSafe® Account?
It is a Money Market Account (MMA), with the typical limitation of transactions per month like a normal money market account (please ask a deposit services banker for more details) insurance of up to $3.75 million per titled account. It is available for consumers, businesses and not-for-profits.  A minimum deposit of $100,000 is required to open a MaxSafe Reserve Account. 

How can you offer such a high level of additional FDIC protection?
With 15 separate, but affiliated, community banks in Illinois and Wisconsin, we are able to combine each bank’s individual FDIC protection and offer our customers the benefit of 15 times the normal $250,000 level of FDIC Insurance. All fifteen of these banks are all fully FDIC Insured and “well capitalized” per the FDIC and other government regulatory bodies.  A custody account from our affiliate, The Chicago Trust Company, is opened via a MaxSafe professional, and funds are deposited on your behalf across these 15 banks. 

Is this legal? Is the FDIC OK with this?
This is absolutely legal and is perfectly in compliance with FDIC rules and regulations. While almost no banks in the Chicago area offer this service as of yet, a number of national brokerage houses offer a similar extra-FDIC insured program.

If you have any questions or would like more information on any of these services, contact one of our Trusted Industry Experts at (847) 304-5940 or email

Wealth Management Services

About Wintrust Wealth Management


As trusted financial advisors since 1931, Wintrust Wealth Management has helped generations of clients and their families achieve their financial goals. Wintrust Wealth Management are affiliates of your community bank. This means a full range of wealth management services, including banking, brokerage, trust administration, estate services and asset management are now conveniently available at your hometown bank. Our services are designed to be used individually to meet specific tactical objectives or in concert with one another to form a well-orchestrated asset management strategy.

Wayne Hummer Investments, one of the oldest and most respected brokerage firms in the Chicago land area, is a well-regarded, local investment firm that is renowned for its superior customer service, prudent investment strategies, and client loyalty.

We have a professional financial and investment planning team devoted to guiding our clients through the complex issues surrounding their financial situations and defining the strategies to achieve their objectives. Wintrust Wealth Management is a firm where our Financial Advisors truly take pride in emphasizing the service in client service.

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Wealth Management Services
Wealth management services are provided by Wintrust Wealth Management Companies. The Wintrust Wealth Management Companies are comprised of Wayne Hummer Investments, LLC, The Chicago Trust Company, N.A., and Great Lakes Advisors, LLC.

Our wealth management services, whether in concert or alone can help you plan your estate and invest your assets based on personal criteria and financial goals. We think the most effective wealth management programs are those that are based on a well-considered financial plan. We can assist in the development of your financial and investment plan, as well as serve as the asset manager to your already developed financial plan.

By participating in wealth management services offered by Wintrust Wealth Management, you will feel more secure about your investment decisions. Our wealth management services include trust services, estate services, asset management, retirement planning, and brokerage investments services.

Securities provided by Wayne Hummer Investments, LLC (Member SIPC). Accounts carried by First Clearing Corp. (member NYSE/SIPC). Trust and Asset Management services provided by The Chicago Trust Company, N.A. and Great Lakes Advisors, LLC respectively.

Investments products such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds: